Saturday 5 December 2015

How Careless Words Trigger a Depression

This post relates to instances of what is described in the post Article: Careless Words Triggered My Depression

A brief primer on how this works:

A message a person receives is made of considerations which are known within the person that receives it. Each consideration bears a numeric-like value to its quality that is its strength, and it imparts a relative influence on the body of considerations which receive it. When a person recognizes meaning in something heard, it's as relative to their own shared understanding, and the perceived message filters through their considerations.

A human brain, and everything, operates by cycles of work, which is comprised of streaming considerations, which are being written in a cycle's frequency, which is a thing's considering.

When a synaptic connection's True status a is part of a person's belief, each cycle of work passing through that connection picks up that consideration's quality and it becomes a part of the final output signal. If that consideration is aligned with a negative disposition toward something in the working message, it will bear a depressive, contrary, or antagonistic influence toward the original intention of the whole message.

As I've said, belief is a 'This is' declaration, and designates which considerations evaluate as True relative to an incoming message. A consideration is itself comprised of many considerations, and whether a particular consideration is positive or harmful towards a message, both are a matter of the consideration being True in different respects.

Each consideration bears a numeric-like value to its quality that is its strength, and it exerts a relative influence on the body of considerations which receive it. And all aspects of things of all kinds account perfectly by this.

When a harmful message is received by the body of considerations that is a person's mind, and there is not strength of mind enough in the person receiving the message to overcome the negative value of the consideration it is receiving, incoming negative-value qualities which experience relation to existing qualities within a person's mind will subtract value of strength from those qualities within the existing mind. The considerations involved establish how much work can be accomplished in a cycle, and if the existing considerations of a person's mind cannot overcome incoming harmful messaging immediately, either by forcing it into recognizing as False in relation to itself, or by considering all its individual considerations into positive meaning, and thereby re-aligning the strength of those considerations into itself, the harmful message will keep considering, possibly reducing the positive strength of the existing body of considerations per each cycle they pass through. Depending on the example, many complete cycles of work could happen many times in a micro-second, or once over a long sustained period.

This is always ongoing at all levels of consciousness within a person.

If a message reduced the strength of a person's own consideration environment before its continued harmful considering was negated, then that person will be left in a depressed state relative to where they were ahead of that messaging considering through their mind and brain.

Dopamine itself is a consideration in the makeup of a brain's operations, and provides much positive consideration value towards a person's mental environment as a whole, and so fortifies a mind. People with lower dopamine are those most vulnerable to mental stress ailments, as mental stress is dopamine deficiency relative to the work a brain is trying to accomplish.

Having dopamine allocated in a synaptic connection uplifts the meaning of all qualities of that consideration, turning them all towards being veritably substantiated by all processed consideration as positive, possible, beneficial.

It is truth to say that the feeling of being depressed is simultaneously the feeling of dopamine's absence, and that the feeling of dopamine is perfectly antithetical to the feeling of being depressed. Therefore, a value of negative 1 is counter-acted by supplying a value of positive one, and to apply this is to achieve the state of reason for the scenario. And reason states that heightened dopamine is the perfect solution and prevention to mental stress states.

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