Monday 7 December 2015

An Important Factor of Addiction's Existence and Prevalence in Modern Society

Regarding the matter that has been at the centre of the previous four posts:

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I've said as far back as March 2014 that anyone who calls another an addict is complicit in any behavioural patterns which develop. The reason why is the same as what I've just been describing in these posts, and particularly in the post How Careless Words Trigger a Depression.

Meaning is a matter of consideration, and in consideration everything receives perfect quantification - and messages that are perceived automatically consider through a person's considerations and create interactions whose outcomes are relative to the considering considerations, and the considerations which they are being considered through.

The results are not ambiguous or random, but they are at such a scale that to a person with low developed detail awareness they seem ephemeral and inconsequential. But they are not - they are perfectly accounted for by their consideration, and the quantified influence of their introduced difference applies into the body of considerations which considers them.

Every consideration holds a belief within in, and that belief establishes the things which that consideration is open to. When there is a door left open, presenting further consideration whose meaning is inherent in the existing consideration will cause any body of considerations which are delivered via that shared meaning to automatically consider into whichever body of considerations presented the opening.

By transmitting consideration, people can be steered with complete precision like controlled robots, and that is largely what is happening regarding sociopathic / psychopathic impulsiveness. This is also partly acting regarding public trends, and things like national sentiments, and established doctrines. A person's actions are not static, they are considering from one consideration to another, like an electron flowing uninhibited along a circuit, or like a train heading along a railroad track - and the consideration which is laid next before another person's existing open consideration will, to the degree the connection encompasses, guide what will be their next movement, thought, action, decision...

As I've said, a person can only go where their consideration gives them pathway to go.

Not everyone is open to this control, and some people are in strong control of their own mind, but not most at this present time. Most people are riding the consideration that experience has established for them, and are like slaves to wherever that consideration happens to be next routed by the forces around them. A lot these forces are bumping cluelessly into each other, but some are designed.

Some sociopaths / psychopaths make use of a very thin awareness and understanding of this vulnerability when they manipulate others, but so also do some good people, who build others up and give their strength back to them.

So when somebody calls a person an addict (which is an abstract concept and therefore not a truth in the first place), they are delivering to that person, who may be mentally very vulnerable, consideration meaning and value which requires a significant amount of work for the person experiencing the meaning of that message as being concerning themselves, and which has an effect of contributing to addiction-wiring within that person's brain. Reason's principle applies in everything, and is immutable. So if a person can't withstand the harmful consideration value of a message that they are addicted, what will Reason's principle cause to become a part of their inlaid belief, and how will their behaviour become affected? Nothing is idle, everything is contributing towards a movement.

How many years has addiction been spread as a message to vulnerable people? What has been the cost in consideration within the people who that message infected, and in the society which bears this message within it? The concept of a person being addicted is itself a contagious disease, and much behavioural substance use is in fact the creation of those who claim to treat it, whose practices are based on an abstract, an abstract being a falsehood in comparison the full truth of its subject.

This is far from the full picture of addiction, but it is a major reason of why harmful behavioural substance use exists at this point in time. Much of what is seen done by substance users is actually the abusive consideration they received from others, which they couldn't overcome, and which they are innocent of - while those behaviours are like the works of those who sowed their considerations, and trace back to them perfectly. And in the end, every person will be required to give full account of the consideration they are responsible for.


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