Tuesday 7 October 2014

'Teenage Deficits in Working Memory and Attention Correlate to Later Drug Habits' - Explanation

I was expecting to take a longer pause from posting, but a recent article is moving me to do otherwise.

This is going to be a back-tracking obvious puzzle solution to those who've already read what's in this blog, but the now-obvious is still invisible to others.

New study-result's observations:

Strong working memory put brakes on problematic drug use
Adolescents With Attention Problems Likely To face Substance-Abuse Issues Later

This is because those with strong working memory have greater Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine-Availability, and Prefrontal Cortex dopamine is a / the central part of what most habit-accompanying drugs provide.

Oxycodone, Cocaine, Amphetamines, and Methamphetamine, and to a lesser degree Marijuana, and then further lesser Caffeine, are all dopaminergics, and poor memory and inability to concentrate are caused precisely by a deficiency in Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine in contrast with a brain's Anterior Insula's informational output requirements. The Prefrontal Cortex' Dopamine regulation is governed by the Striatum, in strong direction from a particular Anterior Insula's development, activity, and organization of its considerations.

Working Memory and one's ability to concentrate are wholly dependent on Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine-Availability (hence dopaminergics Adderall, Ritalin are prescribed for ADD-etc, and work proficiently), and lack of this Prefrontal Cortex dopamine is the singular cause for absence of these things, and therefore its replenishment is the singular exact-cure for them - and one way or another, a person will seek what their brain needs to breathe.

Strong Working Memory doesn't put the brakes on anything, it simply accompanies preemptive fulfillment of the physiological need which those Working Memory / Pref-Cort Dopamine -deficient people are seeking.

Dopamine Proverb 11:

Dopamine is to think-ability as oxygen is to breathing; is to the human brain as is air to the lungs.


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