Tuesday 5 August 2014

Bit of Clarification For Previous Posts' Terminologies

Note that chemical activity is still only 1-half of all human physiological experience and issue

"Btw, Prefrontal Cortex dopamine-availability is exactly Cocaine's effective result: Cocaine inhibits this dopamine's reuptake while inhibiting nor/adrenaline uptake"

For anyone who didn't follow all terminology used in the post: A Reason is a concept and a concept is a Reason - Part 1

Uptake = Activation: A molecule is taken from inactive storage and placed where it is in active-duty.

Reuptake = Deactivation: A molecule is take out of active-duty and placed back into inactive storage, or dismissed.

Regulation / Upregulation / Downregulation = Overall shift in Activated-volume of a certain chemical (in the case of this subject, it would likely either refer to Dopamine or Adrenaline).

Dopaminergic = A molecule which imparts a near-direct influence on a body's dopamine activity.

Dendritic Spine = Dendritic Spines grow in reaction to learning, and their density and size reflect the amount of information learned within the span of time during which they were created. Consider their growth-pronouncement as relative to the amount of information the brain processes.

Cocaine does not affect the dopamine that's released, or produced (it's the exact same natural dopamine that existed in the body prior to stimulation), but it shifts the reuptake of dopamine so that the gate, or mechanical-arm (whatever is more accommodating to conceptualize) which removes dopamine from active-duty downscales its removal-quota over a given period of time (or Cycles of work from the Anterior Insula). And, while doing this, it lowers the ratio for Nor/Adrenaline to be activated against dopamine activity.

Pretty scary, huh?

More dopamine, less adrenaline... that's human brain-and-body idealism - except for where there isn't conscious, subconscious, and further consideration-output from the Anterior Insula for the brain to make use of any gained mental-task processing fuel... which doesn't likely apply to anyone with chronic Mental Stress ailment. When a sociopath increases their already-wasted active-dopamine-surplus, they likely just become more of a sociopath - with no appreciation, no de-stressing, no gained think-ability, and no health-benefit.


Btw, when people talk about an "adrenaline rush", what is effectively meant is that there is a cocaine rush / dopamine rush (same thing) present - as dopamine is what adrenaline sympathetically releases in response to (though release-ratios can fluctuate - they are still bound). There is nothing pleasurable about adrenaline by itself: It is an agitator, a / the creator of experienced-stress, it pushes thoughts out of reach of control (this is why Dopamine and Adrenaline are effectively antitheses), and it is very unpleasant in feel. It is only that which provokes its release that 'adrenaline rush' seekers appreciate.

So when you read something like:

"He loves the adrenaline. He loves the jolt. He loves the thrill"

You can know that what's basically meant is 'he's a coke-head', just like his dumb, moron of a son.

Prefrontal Cortex dopamine == Cocaine, and Cocaine == Prefrontal Cortex dopamine. It's too bad that all the dumbest (hypocrite) sociopaths are the ones controlling the voice for what is the definitive exact-cure for a large variety of worst and most-prevalent human ailments - and I'll detail each of their exact applications and mechanism-considerations as I go.

Oh, and "==" is programming syntax for 'is equal to', which is different than 'equals' as the end-result of an equation, or 'is equivalent to', implying they are just very comparable. 'Is equal to' means it is one and the same.

Note that chemical activity is still only 1-half of all human physiological experience and issue


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