Saturday 28 November 2015

Article: Careless Words Triggered My Depression - Increasing Dopamine Minimizes and Prevents Depression and PTSD

Article: Careless words triggered my depression

This is an example of exactly what I've just explained in the previous post:

Belief creates context between considerations, that they can consider into one state. Experience is considerations experiencing relation to one another, and because they hold a shared belief, Reason's primary principle is a commandment that causes them to consider into each other's reality.

If considerations experience relation, then according to the relation, they will filter through the body of considerations which receives it. This is what is happening in all energy transference, and applies to physical, emotional, and mental abuses that are recognized by the bodies of considerations receiving them, according to their kinds.

In a human being, most aspects of these types of things present work for the brain to consider (whether conscious or subconscious, whether for mind or body repair), and that work requires dopamine to accomplish.


And so dopamine deficiency takes away from a person's awareness, while dopamine's greater presence increases a person's capability to withstand and overcome negative messaging.

Memory formation, and positive memory formation is the automatic result of there being enough dopamine to consider experiences to completion. Experience is one consideration passing information to another, and every state change between considerations within the brain is a measurement of work which is only accomplished through there being dopamine to flip the relational polarity between connections until the information forms a resolution.

The depression mentioned in the article is consequence of there being inadequate released dopamine for the person to consider the message of the words received to their positive resolution. All depression emerges only from having insufficient dopamine released within a person's brain to complete the work of presented consideration into positive resolution, and the same is true regarding all PTSD.

And if it had been known at what point a person was going to encounter a sudden traumatizing experience, and if they greatly increased their dopamine availability in preparation for the event, and then didn't use their increased strength of control over their own mind to ignore the situation, but rather to engage it all the same to consider it, the impact of the experience would be far less traumatizing, and maybe they would have overcome its presented potentially-harmful considerations completely, and the outcome of the situation would not make a lasting negative impression at all.

Everything measures to perfection in its considerations, and the person who increases their dopamine-availability will still have the same amount of information presented to them for processing, but the difference is that they will be capable to process it much more proficiently and healthily than if they have less released dopamine within their brain at the time when they receive a challenging experience.

Read this message Richard Branson posted on his Twitter account:

100% of Mental Stress ailment is preventable, yet in 2015 on Earth there are many people who have been suffering throughout most of their lives, and many who are dying in horrible states directly caused by having had an inadequate amount of released dopamine within their brains. Humanity will not be a fully realized concept until this is fixed.

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