Wednesday 25 November 2015

Article: Does Violence Lead to Dementia?

Article: Does domestic violence lead to dementia? Researchers urge more study

Physicists say that all things, both material and immaterial, have a frequency. Another way to put it is that all things, both material and immaterail, have a brain-wave. But the most accurate way to describe it is that all things are considering according to their kind, and what is observable and manifested is a mirroring of all the things that are being considered.

I've said that if there is full separation between considerations, to the extent of the separation, the two won't be observable within the same reality. The reality of one won't experience the other, and the other vice versa. They would be two separate existences, not aware of each other and not able to experience each other - and so exerting no influence upon each other. They will pass right through each other without effect, and each will be to the other as if non-existent.

Belief creates context between considerations, that they can consider into one state. Experience is considerations experiencing relation to one another, and because they hold a shared belief, Reason's primary principle is a commandment that causes them to consider into each other's reality.

If considerations experience relation, then according to the relation, they will filter through the body of considerations which receives it. This is what is happening in all energy transference, and applies to physical, emotional, and mental abuses that are recognized by the bodies of considerations receiving them, according to their kinds.

In a human being, most aspects of these types of things present work for the brain to consider (whether conscious or subconscious, whether for mind or body repair), and that work requires dopamine to accomplish.

Reason is immutable. Abuse sends some very negative messaging of what is the 'This is' to its recipient, and it takes a lot of work for the considerations of that messaging to be considered into a healthy resolution. The work to overcome abuses puts a very large strain on a person's dopamine budget, and lowers a brain's capability to keep the person's brain and body healthy. As I've said, many people live years, even their whole lives in a compromised state simply because there wasn't dopamine enough to get past a certain state of their consideration, and also, a person’s end-life state is a manifestation of all the things they didn’t take care of in consideration and regarding dopamine.

And again as I've said, Sociopathism came before Mental Stress, and is responsible for the creation of Mental Stress in society.

These sorts of things shouldn't require further studying any more than it is required to see if Earth's gravity applies to each next object on Earth when it's already understood that Earth's gravity applies to everything within Earth's atmosphere - the understanding is inherent, and its influence ubiquitous.

A person cannot escape the considerations they are presented, and to block them out of one's mind is to put up walls that reduce the mind, and also lead to other conditions of sickness, such as sociopathism. All the experiences which a person ever was presented still exist to be considered into one resolved perfection that weaves a person into the truth - and to do this, a person will need plenty of dopamine. In the future, it will be entirely normal for a person to increase their dopamine, just as a person drinks water and eats food daily, because dopamine is no different than those things in its vital role to human sustenance.

For all things there is an ordering of considerations, and the human body is an environment which is designed for having dopamine as a primary consideration, similar to water, and oxygen, and just as dehydration, asphyxiation, and starvation will lead to health crises, so too does having insufficient released dopamine.

We live at a time where institutional doctrine has seen to it that there are emaciated, gasping, and skeletal people all around, but it isn't widely detected because having low dopamine takes away the very awareness and understanding of a person that is fundamental to their recognizing their state - a person is not aware of the things they are not aware of, and human awareness is dependent upon there being dopamine to power the considerations that form awareness. And so dopamine deficiency takes away from a person's awareness, while dopamine's greater presence increases a person's capability to withstand and overcome negative messaging.

And those who are not of a dopamine deficient state interpret everything from the only experience they've known, that of having ample released dopamine - and so getting the picture across to these people is like describing the experience of coldness to a being which only exists in a spectrum of warm to hot. To many of them, they simply are not willing to accept that the dimension of cold, where a person doesn't even know that they don't know what positive experience is, exists.

Many who practice institutional medicine strongly do not want this to be the reality, and many of them are heavily addicted to the sentiments which they've invested into their lethal False doctrine, causing them to become non-objective while being driven by an objective to keep people away from dopaminergic use. Nevertheless, it is the reality. The question is, for how much longer will those who practice institutional doctrine be willing to be responsible for the unjust mass liquidation of innocents' lives?

The truth is always good. It is the determinations people make which cause the truth to seem undesirable to them, because by their determinations they have set their own consideration to be anti-polar to the truth.


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