Sunday 29 November 2015

It Is For Each Person to be Responsible For Their Own Brain's Dopamine Needs

This post reviews the  Article: Careless Words Triggered My Depression - Increasing Dopamine Minimizes and Prevents Depression and PTSD

The woman in the linked-to article could not have prevented the words she heard from holding the relative meaning to her own considerations that she experienced, and it is not for her to control another person's beliefs and opinions. Nor would it be appropriate for a person to shield themselves off from every opinion and experience which doesn't conform to their own perspective - and if a person does this, they will be constantly reducing themselves until there is nothing left to them. But she could have provided her brain with enough dopamine to keep pace with all incoming information, to consider its positive resolution between the considerations presented to her and those already within her own mind.

And doing so would have made the conversation she engaged in produce greater worth for both her and the other person, as considerations that are engaged build on each other. Instead, her considerations were overcome by the other person's because the work presented to her brain's consideration environment was more than she had dopamine enough to handle.

The real problem in the situation is not the careless words the person spoke to her - that's an irresponsible and self-excusing position to take, and abusive of the other person's right to have an opinion, and to express it. The real problem was that the woman's ignorance of how the human body and brain function kept her from the possibility of being responsible with her own brain's dopamine situation, and kept her from being a worthy participant in the discussion which she engaged.

Had she had enough released dopamine within her brain at the time of engagement, her brain would have had the power to, while in full comfort, work proficiently enough that she could have understood the difference between the considerations presented to her, compared to her own, and seen the discrepancy between them, where they aren't adding up perfectly - just like spotting an empty parking space in a parking lot otherwise full of cars, while looking from an overhead view. And then she could have addressed that point, and settled with the other person what the truth of the matter is, or otherwise established that one of the two people simply were refusing to consider something that is unavoidably and overtly an included consideration in the full picture (just like the situation between doctors, scientists, and dopamine's contribution towards human healthiness and accomplishment).

Instead, she was ill-equipped in her dopamine disposition to have that discussion at that time, and suffered a year-long depression because of it (though it surely will impact her for longer, and in more ways than she recognizes - as she wouldn't recognize the full extent of its influence apart from having sufficient dopamine released within her brain for it, and in the article she is at a point of only blaming the other person, which is far off from having a completely truthful understanding), and she unfortunately defaulted into failing an opportunity to positively further and lead the consideration of another person, because she was under-equipped in Physio-Fuel at the time of the discussion.

As every next movement is an expression of the state of consideration established by the previous, and consideration comes to permeate all things, all human civilization has suffered because this woman didn't know the truth about her brain and dopamine. In this example, the woman of this article, and everyone beyond, has become a victim of institutional medical doctrine, of those who practice it, and of the use of scientific methodology.

The woman who wrote the referenced article provides a sign of what I wrote in this post: ... "a person’s end-of-life state is a manifestation of all the things that they didn’t take care of through considering and dopamine. A person who does not take control of this is directly investing in their future deterioration."

And this is also true about everybody in this time where society is built upon a denial of reality, and the false doctrines of sociopaths.

Consider these words spoken regarding the dopaminergic Modafinil, in the article 'Smart Drug' Modafinil Improves Memory And Cognitive Function, But Is It Ethical To Use It?, which I partly addressed in the post The Mythical Perceptions of Modafinil - Responses to Modafinil's Public Favour:

“…We now have a genuine pharmacological neuroenhancer in a scientific context,” he said, adding, “A large part of this is exploring how effects manifest at an everyday level — this really hasn't been explored yet and needs to be.”

The question now remains: Should we promote a drug that enhances human thinking within people that experience no previous problems, or is this, in some way, cheating?

Here I have just explored how not having access to "neuroenhancers" affects everyday life. This neuroenhancer is not new, it's called dopamine. And much healthier and greater performing sources of its increase exist compared to modafinil, such as cocaine. It is because of those who practice and believe in science (which is a method of falsification) that the last 100 years of health treatment have focused on denial of reality regarding dopamine's fundamental role for human wellness, functionality, and accomplishment.

The above quote is of a person looking at dopamine as though it is a new bonus tool for the people who are already the most dopamine-privileged to make use of, when in fact it is a human necessity that has been foolishly deprived from a civilization that is full of people that unjustifiably suffer for it.

Every instance of Mental Stress ailment is preventable, and each instance of Mental Stress in society is an instance of a person who has become victimized by science, doctors, institutional medical doctrine, drug prohibition, and sociopathism. It cannot be cheating to face reality and do what is physiologically mandated, and therefore responsible, any more than it is cheating to drink glasses of water to prevent dehydration so as to remain healthy and functional.

The problems caused by insufficient released dopamine in people's brains are everywhere in modern society, and the perspectives which are responsible for their existence have also set the low upper limit of what human civilization has amounted to at this point in time. Working out all Mental Stress ailments was a one-person job, to take maybe a few months, and then the time to explain it -  not millions of people a century to accomplish absolutely nothing but the perpetual further creation of its instances, and trillions of dollars worth of exploitation of those who are its sufferers.

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