Monday 18 January 2016

Unlocking a Powerful Secret to Cure Mental Stress and its Ailments


Article: Sex toy company erects ‘self-soothe’ masturbation booth for NYC men

The basis of this article is a promotional marketing stunt for a sex-toy company, but its humourous message is a common one: that orgasms can be potent stress-relievers. And many people experience stress relief from orgasming.

An orgasm is produced by a small surge of dopamine being released in a brain, and as the state of having ample dopamine is the opposite state of being stressed, an orgasm is stress-relieving exactly because an orgasm is produced by releasing a sudden surge of dopamine within a part of the brain.

You can read many sources claiming that an orgasm relieves stress because of Oxytocin, but this is a falsehood, and this pop-myth is an example of medical science trying to bend over backwards to preserve ideology regarding dopamine, and everything that has been built around that ideology:

People who are medical scientists want to praise orgasms because they like them and want them to be a part of their society, culture, and life, and so they are open to discovering all the medical benefits which can be had by them. But they don't want to acknowledge the source of them, because doing so would mean that those things which also produce that same experience would receive validation, and those things have been pre-emptively determined in their minds as being bad, and things to be avoided and opposed. And, therefore, they need to cite something else as the source of that very good and positive and healthy thing that they like and want more of for themselves.

This is the deranged, hypocritical reasoning that is entirely characteristic of 'Reward'-type mindsets, who, by their own determinations have heads filled with bad wiring, becoming comprehensively sociopathic.

The fullness of the experience of an orgasm is produced by dopamine having a momentary greater release within areas of the brain.

As I've said before, there are connections in the brain that correspond to all areas of the body. And there is nothing particular about the synaptic connections relating to genitals, when it comes to what a sudden surge of dopamine experiences as:

When a person ingests larger amounts of cocaine, methamphetamine, and maybe some other dopaminergic drugs, the same experience as that of an orgasm occurs as dopamine is released throughout the brain, feeling as though it is emanating from every single cell within that person's body, and prolonged for the duration of the drug. And in fact, when people inject methamphetamine or cocaine, the rush of that experience can be so powerful that they sexually orgasm without even touching themselves or thinking sexually in any way. The feeling of dopamine saturating a brain is not like  the feeling of an orgasm, it is the feeling of orgasming, coming from everywhere within the body. And it's all there just by dopamine.


Now, if groups of synapses are experiencing this state, then they can’t simultaneously be experiencing the states of tension, depression, anxiety, fear, psychosis, or anything else of that sort of disposition. It is a case of ‘if one then not the other’. A synapse that is experiencing this is no longer experiencing stress, just as a person who is on a boat in the Pacific Ocean is not floating in a spacecraft above Earth’s moon. They are two distinct statuses for a synapse, and in fact, they are diametric of one another. One is a contextually negative value, and the other is positive.

A distressed synapse that is saturated with dopamine becomes liberated from its distress. And it doesn’t return to its distress unless there are more primary considerations feeding it the messaging that led to its distressed state which were not liberated, themselves. But those synapses can be liberated from their distress by the same means which all other synapses can.

If dopamine can be raised high enough relative to adrenaline, any stress states will be removed. And they won’t return, unless dopamine didn’t penetrate those specific synapses which were feeding their states, to unhook them. A synapse that is unhooked naturally retains buoyancy above the line of neutrality.

Tension, depression, anxiety, psychosis… dopamine will lift the mind out of all off those states. It doesn’t matter who a person is, and it doesn’t matter how severe the state is. Keep raising the released dopamine in a brain, and all those states, depression, psychosis, anxiety, will disappear as the direction of signaling that is producing them is altogether lifted up in a uniform manner.

Dopamine will be received by the easiest to reach spots first, but as synapses delivering milder stress become cleared, the next in line will start receiving the benefit of the increased dopamine, right until there is nothing left to clear.


As I've said, depression, anxiety, psychosis, can be simply flushed away. And this is True, in the very same way that an orgasm is stress-relieving because of oxytocin rather than dopamine is False. And all the ailments which emerge from Mental Stress states can be proficiently prevented, treated, and cured by this knowledge.


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