Saturday 30 January 2016

Articles: Study Suggests Genetics Could Be The Root Cause Of Schizophrenia (*big yawn*, I already resolved this)


Study Suggests Genetics Could Be The Root Cause Of Schizophrenia
Scientists open the ‘black box’ of schizophrenia with dramatic genetic finding

So this is what counts as a breakthrough, a crucial turning point, and watershed moment to those who call themselves scientists, and medical scientists. An observation with no perception of its meaning, and which is thought will take decades to lead to some kind of a solution for the ailment.

"This is the first exciting clue, maybe even the most important we’ll ever have, but it will be decades"

This is astonishing. It has taken a century to produce an awareness of a mere detail that is now speculated to take decades to turn into something real, when I, in the course of a year and some, have gone from very start to very finish of not just Schizophrenia, but of all Mental Stress ailment. And I did not start from the doctrine of institutional medicine, or with a background in institutional medical knowledge. I started from the beginning, and concluded the truth within months.

Now, going even further back than this post (A Gene is a Concept), I'd said that a gene is an encapsulation of a quality which considered in the brain to a state of certainty. I also said that considering is the mechanism behind evolution, and that what is fully considered applies back into the mind and body. This includes gene formation.

I've also said many times that the work that is considering in the human brain requires dopamine to complete, and that if dopamine is lacking, then the outputs of considering suffer, which is just as is the case in the previous post's first article. And, of course, I've been saying that all mental stress is strictly dopamine deficiency along the neural pathways which are trying to complete work in a process of considering.

Now, it's already known that stress can cause damage to genes, so this already rings true. And in fact, for what I'd written to be the truth, this influence would have to have already been happening, ahead of anyone's observation to corroborate it - not just that stress damages genes, but that mental stress is dopamine deficiency, and is what leads to the gene damage, just as it leads to the neural network damage in poor people.

So where is that connection in all of this? Well, I'd first like to make clear that it wouldn't matter whether that connection was represented in what a scientist, doctor, or medical research showed, because all that work is built upon the perceptions of incompetent sociopaths, and it is normal for them to misrepresent and miss-observe things, because they are wired for falsehood ('Reward'). It is only for the sake of reasoning with people who have accepted their words that I refer to their works.

Nevertheless, here is that connection:

"The findings may help explain the longstanding mystery of why brains from people with schizophrenia tend to have a thinner cerebral cortex with fewer synapses than unaffected individuals do," said a press statement from the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, whose experts took part in the study.

This is the brain's outer layer, often referred to as grey matter, involved in learning and memory."

Well, all this sounds awfully familiar. Hmm... where is a similar influence known to come from?

Oh, so the same region whose development is impoverished in people with schizophrenia is bolstered by cocaine. And what is cocaine's influence? That's right: The healthier-than-natural release of a person's own dopamine within their brain, by proficiently increasing dopamine while significantly inhibiting adrenaline / noradrenaline. So much for that "long-standing mystery".

Now, I've also said this before: That, to neutralize a state of -1, apply an influence of +1.

Cocaine is the anithetical influence of Mental Stress, and cocaine promotes the healthy brain development that schizophrenia impedes. Mental Stress is simply dopamine deficiency, and that dopamine deficiency can lead to damaged genes, which corresponds with the understanding that stress can damage genes.

There is no room for a greater perfection than +1 being applied to a state of -1, to counter and resolve that state. To do so is the fulfillment of perfection, and to recognize the +1 to meet the -1 with is to become aware of the presence of truth, and to fulfill it is to bring the truth. Treating dopamine deficiency ailments with proficient dopamine supplication is bringing the truth of healing to that ailing state.


Also be aware that there are still problems with the other information presented in the article Mice Fed with Cocaine Show Growth in Brain Areas Linked with Learning, Memory, ones which I've already dealt with on this blog (here, and in other posts). And the biggest problem is the silly suggestion that cocaine boosts drug-seeking habits, rather than not simply everything that a person puts their focus towards, because dopamine is the means by which a brain accomplishes all considering work, and the brain's development is through iteration by considering.

It is a snide and objective-driven absurdity to propose that the development gained by the brain's increased capacity for healthy work while under the influence of cocaine's proficient increase in dopamine availability must attribute to something nefarious, when the same enhanced work capacity and development is manifest also from all other notable dopaminergics - including coffee and modafinil. The development is reflective of whatever a person puts their focus towards - be it studying for school, meditating to stabilize and organize one's mind, creative ingenuity, or to focus on problem solving. Dopamine is work potential, and a person who lacks it, needs it.

There is more to be said regarding that part of the 'cocaine boosts learning, memory' article which seeks to label cocaine's health benefits as somehow ominous (because they are coming from cocaine, and not actually on a basis that cocaine does anything negative), but I'll speak more of it in the next post. However, I tell you with surety, that the effort to malign the entirely-positive influence of dopamine's increase when it is coming from an illicit drug (illicit drugs tending to be much healthier than prescription drugs), is an act of murder within society, and that those who engage in it will be judged for it in the end.


So, back to the subject of the articles, regarding schizophrenia and genes... genes are an output of considering, which is dependent upon dopamine to complete in a healthy manner. Lack of dopamine leads to mental stress, which shapes the development of a brain's neural network, and impacts genes. If something’s going wrong with gene health, then there’s likely something happening with the considering processes that develops and maintains those genes.

The schizophrenia ailment, along with many others, is strictly a dopamine deficiency ailment, and its solution is proficiently increasing dopamine, while restraining adrenaline / noradrenaline - which happens to be the very influence of cocaine, which, as it so happens, alleviates mental stress and greatly increases the performance of mental facilities and bolsters the healthy development of a brain.

So, as one of the 'schizophrenia & genes' articles linked-to queries, the root cause of schizophrenia has indeed been uncovered, and for a good time now – but right here on this blog, and along with the root cause of all other mental stress ailments. And all of this before the so-called breakthrough observation by people who have no understanding of its meaning.  It’s not a complicated issue, in fact it’s a very straight-forward one – but trying to address it while at the same time denying its cause makes things pretty complicated.

As I said, a person who succeeded in a curriculum comprehensively made up of nonsense ideological drivel is probably not too smart – simply dopamine-equipped (due to not being particularly considering of the truth, but determining, AKA sociopathic).

What other group of people could spin their wheels for a century, be the cause of all the harms they profess to treat, and still receive positive recognition from society? I think most people would have been out of a job pretty quick after being so incompetent. And now these people foresee spending decades more while they filibuster the truth with their evil ideology, when the genuine solution was always out in the open, and not masked, except by those who call themselves scientists, and doctors.


As I've previously said, I still know everything more. And it's true, because I've resolved the issues of mental stress, sociopathism, and the foundation of existence by knowing Reason, which is the movement of considerations in which all things are accounted for to perfection. The movement of considerations is what brings the truth, and life. And eternal life is every consideration evaluating True into every other consideration.

The eco-system of the body begins with the heart, where belief is from. That belief travels as a signal to the brain, where it receives definition as it filters (considers) through all a person’s considerations as Reason's principle is carried out. And the brain’s neural network iterates itself based on the meaning of that belief in relation to the considerations which aspects of it pass through.

And all experience a person has in their environment is sending infinitesimal 'This is' messages to them, which are received by their belief, and consider through their mind, and their influence on a person depends on how a person is willing to consider them. And what a person sees as physical is made of this. All things are made of considerations.

And as I've been saying, there is no truth to a determination. When a person makes a determination, they're wrong as soon as they've made it. The truth Is, and it cannot be determined, but only come to be known by being considered. I know that's puzzling to some people's understanding, but this will eventually come to be understood by the whole world. A determination is a falsehood, and it reduces consideration. A consideration is a quantum of truth, and of mind, and therefore a determination reduces the presence of truth, and reduces mind. And so making determinations moves a person's perception away from the truth, and aligns their perception to falsehood, and sets it as antithetical to the truth.


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