Saturday 2 January 2016

Calling For A New Paradigm

Everyone should have safe access to affordable drugs - drugs of all kinds. This is a matter for a person to decide for themselves, and people can't rely on doctors to discern who should receive which drugs, because doctors really don't know anything about them.

The information by which doctors are educated during their medical training is heavily contrived and biased, and amounts to nothing more than state propaganda. The research that contrived it was conducted under federal licensing and conditions, and the conclusions are pre-determined by the state. Every license application makes clear the aim of the research, and studies which don't seek a conclusion the state wants to hear are not granted license in the first place, and any results which the state does not favour are obstructed from being published.

And many scientists are taken to pre-emptively tow the partisan line, thinking to themselves they are fighting a "the good fight", all the while being the greatest of fools in the eyes of the truth. While others, because of their disposition towards reward, will self-censor themselves for the sake of peer approval, continued opportunity, protection of reputation, etc. And a disposition towards reward is itself a hard-wired falsification of a person's circuit of considering, which prevents them from being capable of perceiving truth.

The truth is that a neighbourhood drug dealer knows more than any doctor. When a person talks to a doctor about drugs, be it opiates, stimulants, psychedelics, or other, they're only going to get an earful of bullshit. And doctors are so short on experience with these things that they actually believe the nonsense they spew. They take it as gospel and dogma, and feel assured by the appearance of peer consensus around them (which itself is founded in the same ignorant lack of any experience).

The truth is that, at baseline, most illegal drugs are very good for a person to take, and that things such as depression, psychosis, and more can be simply flushed away with high doses of cocaine, and (though with significantly less effectiveness and assuredness) possibly some other dopaminergics, whereas standard medical practice is to treat them with a forced daily "addiction" for 2 - 3 years with medications that regularly do more harm than good. At at the end of those treatments, a person will be down 2 - 3 years of their life, and left still not knowing the experience of full healing.

And that's only the tip of the iceberg. Medical science, when it comes to illicit drugs, is comprehensively a work of contrived fiction dressed up in lab coats and peer reviews. It is a packaging of lies, and it is the capitalistic mass liquidation of innocent human lives.

And regarding pain management, a person may find that increasing the released dopamine within their brain is far superior in assuaging pain than opiate usage. Pain itself needs to be processed by the brain, and dopamine is the means by which a brain processes information. Pushing a high dopamine level relative to a low adrenaline level seems to do wonders for pain (all the way up to full resolution of pain), while letting adrenaline rise alongside dopamine leads to anxiety, stress etc.

The existence of mental stress ailments in today's society is the legacy of institutional medicine, and of those who call themselves scientists, and doctors. And it is what they will be remembered for - for doing everything wrong, for accomplishing nothing for a century, and for causing all the conditions they misled people regarding, but being constantly rewarded for it by the systems they created themselves.

Hasn't it somewhat recently been popular to claim that the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? Then institutional medical doctrine is one of the greatest instances of insanity in this world, and a person who practices it is a follower and subject of insanity.


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