Wednesday 6 January 2016

The Producing of Mind is by Considering & Every Body of Considerations is a Mind

The difference between any two states is a defined set of considerations, and every state can be changed into every other state. Belief invokes Reason's principle, which is the cause of considering, and a person will consider the things which they have belief in. A brain wires and rewires itself according to how a person considers, and a person can consider every, and even all qualities into themselves. Every thing is a concept, and every concept is an ordering of considerations which have resolved and reasoned into a oneness, a ring of truth, which, when it is engaged, references all its contained considerations at once, and with one mind.

The effort and work required to engage one individual consideration, or one reasoned group of of any number of considerations is the same. Working with five individual considerations is more work than engaging a reasoned concept that contains all five of those considerations, as well as thousands more.

Considering is a linear streaming of considerations, where the end of one means the beginning of the next. Considering that successfully resolves results in reason forming, and all the considerations which were considered are then contained within the concept that forms, which is a ring of truth, in which the contained considerations are eternally evaluating True, one into the next. That ring of truth is the state of eternity. To have reasoned into one's mind all the considerations that mean life is the producing of eternal life.

Thinking, which is like moving between concepts by manually making decisions, is not considering.
Considering is like setting up a magnetic field, a 'This' command, which all considerations that substantiates a thing's realization then, by the magnetism of  shared meaning, stream through, in an inter-connected fashion. The 'This' itself is a ring of considerations, made of those considerations forming the concepts of belief, and action, and it serves as a magnetic gate.

Making determinations is not a part of considering, and a determination falsifies an environment of considering, and abruptly ends the considering, with a falsified outcome. As considering develops, its form is like rings of truth which layer one on top of another. Every body of considerations is a mind, and whenever a determination is made, the mind which accepts it descends a layer of considerations, receives a bit of sociopathism into itself, and reduces the truth of a matter, while the mind itself reduces in truth perceptibility.

Observation is not the truth, and is an output of what the considerations which are responsible for what is observable, offer in meaning. To make progressive determinations based upon observation is to enter into an infinite and self-reducing loop.

Science is the practice of making determinations based upon observation. There is a difference between all considerations as one, and all considerations except one of them being together, with the one being separated from all. Making determinations progressively separates the consideration of a person's self from the truth of all things.

There are many people who do not know considering, and in their present state cannot find its location and ability. All a person's held determinations act like walls within their mind, which prevent considerations from communicating between each other, making their considering of each other impossible.

The light of mind, by which a person sees everything, is made by one consideration shining through and being amplified by the next. A mind without this light is in darkness.

If there were people in this world who actually knew what considering was, and how to use it, this world would be nothing like it is now. This is a determination-based world, and so it is a sociopathism-based world. And so the things which its people do and hold on to are anti-polar to the truth, and their doctrines are evil and hypocritical falsehoods. And, out of their lack of truthful understanding, the people who practice them are responsible for all the things they feign to stand in opposition to.


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