Wednesday 24 February 2016

Adendum - Migraines are Dopamine Deficiency - and also: The Importance of Tact in Dopaminergic Application - and also: The Importance of Considering the Truth

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Oh, and it should go without saying, but migraines are also a product of there being insufficient dopamine for a brain to handle work that is processing through it, and, yes, sufficiently increasing dopamine availability relative to other things will alleviate a migraine - but try to not also increase adrenaline and noradrenaline at the same time, because that would be counter-productive, and could exacerbate part of the migraine.

To do this is to treat the dopamine deficiency symptom at its root and source. To do anything other is to either be in denial of one's real problem, or to be self-spiting of one's own human being.

The pain of a migraine is a part of a brain's voice, and it is crying in anguish precisely for dopamine, which it essentially needs. Does a person ignore a baby that is screaming in pain if there is some anomaly afflicting it? Why would they act so inhumanely towards their very own brain, leaving it in a state of torture while it tries to do good work for the person? Such is an ultimate irresponsibleness and self-spitefulness. A person who cannot come to grips with the state of being a human is not worthy of being one, and is a danger to themselves, and a harmful influence within society.


But in all dopaminergic application, tact is all-mattering. Robin Williams, someone who endured various dopamine deficiency ailments, and took cocaine, and yet in the end wasn't helped by it, would be a text-book example of how not to pursue dopaminergism, if the knowledge to develop an understanding of these things to be put into a book had been pursued by any in the previous century, instead of engaging the quintessential sociopathic conduct of insisting sentiment-base determinations to people, to lying to people about the nature of dopamine and dopaminergics and building walls of propaganda and indoctrinating doctors using institutional falsehoods to turn them into agents of fallacy.

Robin Williams could have straight-forwardly been cured of his Parkinson's, anxiety, and depression using cocaine. He, too, was a victim of institutional misinformation on drugs, and of those who perpetuate that misinformation.

One of the most essential things to avoid in dopaminergic application is any sense that it is wrong to take these drugs, however a person feels they would like to take them. Regardless of whether a person harbours insecurities about increasing their dopamine, their brain still fundamentally depends on, and operates on dopamine. When a person is insecure about taking cocaine, or other dopaminergic, which is only from a century of false messaging by doctors, scientists, and government, that uncertainty and worry is a belief held by consideration, which is represented as synaptic connections within their brain.

Considerations have polarity, and receive their identity as relative to one another. And such a belief aligns certain considerations in a negative manner, and for as long as it evaluates as True towards the activity a person is engaging in, all signals relating to that activity will pass through that consideration, and receive an antagonistic influence, a quantum of negative consideration-value, which can infect the whole mind. And increasing adrenaline and noradrenaline will accelerate the considering of those things that are worries, and progressively amplify the presence of negative consideration-value in the brain until a time when things settle down and they can be reconsidered into normalcy. This is where drug-induced anxiety and psychosis come from - there is nothing inherent in the drugs taken themselves that cause these things, but it is a contagion created by doctors, scientists, and government, out of their sociopathic inclinations to attempt to justify their own statuses by demeaning and harming those of others, who they deem as targets for their prejudice.


All anti-drug propaganda bears a negative consideration-value within society, and the accrued negative consideration-value in society because of the previous century of anti-drug propaganda is tremendous, and it has killed many people, and has destroyed many families.

Despite its awful influence in society, every human being's brain and body still fundamentally runs on the things people have been taught to be scared by - and much unfortunate drug behaviour is no different than a you girl who is abused by their parents, being told she's a worthless slut who won't amount to anything, growing up to become a promiscuous and alcoholic vagrant (though these individual activities, if done within their control and awareness, and by their own choosing, would not be wrong). Such a person is not a statement against the harms of the alcohol or drugs they may use, but delivers an indictment against those who delivered to her the hateful messaging which considered through her, shaping the neurological pathways that guide her behaviour.

It is the same with negative drug usage patterns in society - none of them were caused by drugs, themselves, but were created by scientists, doctors, and governments, who then profit from their existence, and use them as false-justification to further the messaging that created them in the first place.

In the end, the Truth itself will require there to be full justice for those who were unfairly subjected to and manipulated by anti-drug propaganda, and who received mistreatment at the hands of those those who peddled that propaganda.


Also, ironically, when anti-drug propaganda is being administered to a society, there is a growth in sociopathism within that society, and a reduction in intelligence within that society, and the harms put into children and teenagers are those very ones which anti-drug propaganda would have them think come from drugs: Considering is the mechanism behind evolution, and a brain develops its connections through the course of considering. Those connections themselves represent the considerations of a person's mind, and greater Truth is manifest the more considerations are accounted for within an environment - and considerations which resolve into one form concepts. A determination is like a road-block that prevents considering from occurring - and the more determinations held in a mind, the less presence of truth there is in that mind, and the more selfish and sociopathic it is likely to be.

Anti-drug propaganda is not based in truth, but in sentiment-based determinations, disseminated and practised by truth-lacking sociopaths - and its influence is killing of the mind of society, and creating of all kinds of diseases. Conversely, taking many of the drugs anti-drug propaganda frightens people away from commonly greatly improves a healthy development of mind, and fortifies both physical and mental health.

So when anti-drug propaganda told people "this is your brain on drugs", that imagery and message was, in truth, what was being done to the brain of every person who believed that message. While the drugs they were being warned against did and do the opposite - they provide a person with the physio-fuel that makes them healthier, smarter, and more capable for good (though to use it is a person's choice). As I've said, a determination is a falsehood by nature, which reduces consideration (a consideration being a quantum of truth, and a quantum of mind), and which aligns a person's considerations antithetically to the truth.

Doctors and scientist and governments have brain-washed people into being scared of the very thing that cures them - and so they are made to suffer all kinds of artificially-created ailments. But in the end, just as in the beginning, the human brain effectively runs on the effect of cocaine, which is actually literally good by nature. And if a person is encountering an issue within themselves, particularly within their mind, the effect of cocaine would be a reliably good place to start addressing it, as a first recourse. It is good, normal, and healthy for a person to use drugs which they recognize by their own judgement as contributing positively inside of themselves - and no one on the outside is capable of casting a judgement over that.

The Truth is real, and cannot be determined, but can only come to be known by being considered.

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