Friday 6 June 2014

'Reward''s Self-Nullification & Bow to Reason's Supreme-Governance, with Reason Proverb 2

If you open your eyes, both paradigms - of 'Reward' and of Physio-Fuel - resolve as meaning that Dopamine is definitively the human-physiology's purpose-for-living, what it is dependent upon, and therefore what is the foundation for all human-physiological health - that of Mind and Body, individually and collectively.

'Reward' automatically means and defines, after its Sociopathic-convolution is traversed-through till the end, that Dopamine is the singular God-molecule for all human-existence.

What this means is that those citing, implementing, regulating, and operating 'Reward' were so Sociopathic, so irresponsible, and so selfishly-lazy (all of which is Stupidity) that they didn't even finalize their own theory and conjecture, yet implemented it into Society - and they STILL didn't lift a finger to consider its Veracity, despite constructing all convention and therefore all-Societies around it, and therefore afflicting all societies with its Lethal-Poison.

This is the behaviour, trustability, and value of Reward-Sociopathism. It destroys all-Society just to pathetically pander to its invalid, unworthy, non-appreciating, and non-accomplishing self, and all before it ever realizes that it is consequently defeating itself in pursuit of itself.

What a great idiocy 'Reward' is. 'Reward', that which is its concept, is the Chief-Stupidity of all human-existence - there is, and will ever be, no other.

No matter how dumb you think you have ever been or ever might be, you will never top the unadulterated-moronism of physiological 'Reward', and that of belief in its concept as guiding-force. By dismissing and standing-apart from 'Reward', you automatically have a True-evaluation of self-identity in your Anterior Insula, making you of-Smarts, while those believing 'Reward' have surrendered their identity, for now, and in them 'Reward' is what receives a True-evaluation. A Mind non-existent won't be found anywhere once the rest fades, while a mind of-Reason cannot diminish and re-materializes once restraints fade, as it is an inseparable part of the 'Why, How, Way' of all-Existence, eternally - and apart from it, the rest of Existence also does not exist. Just as any concept is falsified with a single error, and a circuit shorted by one False-transistor, so is All-Existence apart from every smallest part of its Reason being present. Reasoned consciousness is eternal.

There is no greater Stupidity than 'Reward's concept, just as there is no greater Evil than what produces from lack of Consideration. These are Reason's hard-determined singular Truth-certainties towards these two identities - from these spills out every Stupidity and every Evil.

But every Evil justifies itself, and no Evil ever did not justify itself - there is a beyond-Hitler, beyond-Hussein, beyond-Osama, beyond-Nero and Caligula hidden and inlaid in every First-World conventional practice, and many modern-elects operate with much more Sociopathism than ever did Hitler: For all the Evil of the holocaust, the Iraq invasion occurred out of less conviction and felt-justification than did Hitler's purge of Jews, yet people's minds are like butter and no-one ever considered these things. The USA's invasion of Iraq is a beyond-the-Holocaust, and those who insisted it are beyond-Hitlers. Judging by numbers of those dead is exclusively a Sociopath's means to grade Evil - and by it the Iraq-invasion still evaluates as Evil, as per Sociopathism's inescapable Hypocrisy. Like 'Reward' is to Dopamine, Sociopathism to lack-of-Consideration, death and destruction is consequence of Evil, not its cause or purpose, and number-of-dead is inconsequential to its procedure, which is to divide itself from what it opposes, and erase that which stands apart - and every variable is ignored as irrelevant.

Smarts is suggestively the Reward for not being a Dumb-Sociopath, but then the things which Smarts produces are 'not being a Dumb-Sociopath's Reward, and so Smarts isn't a reward, but causation and purpose for what builds upon them - and those things are also their own causation and purpose. Ultimately, 'Reward' never existed except for where a Sociopath decided they weren't going to bother with consideration, and so didn't deserve the energy that was given it for perception-augmentation.

There can be no Reward which does not come unexpectedly, non-dependably, and apart from all action-considerations. If action was contingent upon a reaction, then reaction was Purpose, Meaning, Fulfillment, Resolution, and Reason for Action, and creates Appreciation for both Action and Reaction as one process.

But if Action was for Reward, then Action itself was irrelevant and merely means to reach Reward - which is exactly the reality of convention's Sociopathic non-consideration, and all Evil.

Dopamine is the Penultimate creation of the Scientific Method of cyclic test/observation, which is the quintessential Sociopathic behaviour, and its behavioural-nature fully obeys the Psychotic-state's perception-pattern of 'disjoint, fractionalize, reduce' upon whatever it is applied - and its societal-effects are corresponding.

Reason Proverb 2: Science is Sociopathic, and leaves Psychosis in its wake

Well, Dopamine is fully and exclusively as I've stated it, which is contingent upon all the convention-nullification which I've presented, which is unavoidably annihilating of all conventional-practice and theory. Everything of human-understanding must be re-written from the ground up, and I've disclosed the complete foundation for it herein. Just as Reason resolved human-physiology from True-scratch in mere months (about 2.5 - documenting it takes much longer, because it's really boring) establishing what's True of human life won't take a notable fraction of the time it took to weave such a convoluted idiocy as what stemmed from 'Reward' (and yet can't cure anything). It's all the trying to falsify everything to make it look like it fits, despite sitting on an impossible foundation, that takes millions of people a century to produce. Start with an objective-perception and do it correctly from the start, and apparently 2.5 months by one person is sufficient.

If you have millions of some monetary-denominations to spare, or less, I will appreciate some of them as donations, payment, gratitude, according to what they represent. It took maybe 2.5 months to resolve, humanology (with much still to present), but painful decades to resolve everything that comes first, and this resolution is really only the latest momentary-iteration on a decades-long-running fractal-animation of Reason. If only assigning actual subject-time, I guess human-physiological resolution had none, as it was instantaneous upon perceiving an antithetical False-statement - Reason in automation.

With merely this understanding, I have cured all of Mental Stress (psychosis, dementia, alzheimers, parkinsons, schizophrenia, lethargy, depression, anxiety... and further, including those yet-unassociated) and simultaneously all of Sociopathism (selfishness, arrogance, sadism, manipulation, stupidity, laziness), resolving their individual Falsehoods by healing what is only Singular, and returning the Realization of True-existence to humanity - and by this is generated Truth, Reason, Knowing, Compassion, Life, Existence.

This perception-shift will cure all those things automatically over some generations, as they don't exist apart from the mind first conforming its operation to belief of their foundational False-paradigm - which is being done without detection by normalization and sync to the principles embedded in the formats and necessary-implications of all received conventional information. This, too, is operation of Reason, and it is how a belief operates in the brain: For something to be assumed-True, all that its True-evaluation depends on must also be True (because this is, therefore these things also are...) - and a single assumption or genuine-belief will snap a multitude of consideration-evaluation transistors into alignment with the belief - and this is how Psychosis and Sociopathism exist in today's society. Even though their natural disappearance will take time, their is way to genuinely treat and cure all of them before their natural dissolution - for a harmful thing to exist, is has a Reason, and its Reason is also its cure.

There is yet lots to document regarding Dopamine, but also for Reason - which requires more consideration of me than Dopamine, because it doesn't have its parts and over-arching operations defined - though their mechanisms are relatable to other things, so Reason's principle of dictation by sameness and antithesis applies - resolving Reason by Reason.

The Age of Sociopathism is over. Now begins and Is the final age, the Age of Reason.


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