Sunday 22 June 2014

The Factors of Anterior Insula Information Storage

The Anterior Insula can perform its signature functions because its information is Value-Based. And, from that, it can perform Inter-Calculations between data, and Veracity-Checks against data.

It can also Sub-Divide conglomerated concepts into their singularities, although I think this can involve perception from more than just the Anterior Insula.

Apart from being Value-Based, the Anterior Insula could do none of Considering, Understanding, Comprehension, or have awareness to details.

And apart from being insulated from direct and willed interference and influence, it could not establish values for any of its information.

Because it is insulated from direct interference, and because its information is Value-Based, the Anterior Insula is the source for Objective perception.

Another key element of Anterior Insula information organization is an ability to establish and structure Consideration-Groups.

Corresponding with being Value-Based, information in the Anterior Insula is of-Polarity, and damaged information can be of no identified polarity, constantly flickering between polar dispositions - and this can damage all information that such comes into contact with.

Information that is determined to be contextually-True enables progression of considering, according to the facsimile operation of transistors.


Collection of a person's experienced information
Source of Objectivity


Insulated from direct manipulation
Sub-Division of False-Concepts
Polarity of information
Unassigned / Neutralized Polarity


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