Thursday 19 June 2014

The Primary Principle and Resolution of Mental Stress - Encompassing All Ailment of type-Psychosis || D-Proverbs 7 - 10

All of-Mental Stress is precisely a deficiency of Prefrontal Cortex dopamine per a person's Anterior Insula's Consideration output, antagonized by the nor/adrenaline clock-rating upon that brain.

Dopamine Proverb 7

Reason's anti-principle: Persistent Prefrontal Cortex dopamine surpluses correspond to its withheld application and simultaneously Sociopathism - the two are unary.

Dopamine Proverb 8

Dopamine is the fuel all mental processes are determined, established, developed, and resolved by.

Dopamine Proverb 9

Reason's D-Proverb 7 anti-state resolution: All of-Mental Stress receives vigorous treatment and also permanent curing from a proficient dopamine increase, aligned with nor/adrenaline's simultaneous significant restraining, its regulatory-freeze, or its down-regulation.

Dopamine Proverb 10

D-Proverb 10 presents A partial conundrum, but one that is fully resolvable.


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