Wednesday 18 June 2014

Shrapnel Reason Blog Problurb #1

Lack of posts commonly means Reason is realizing too much for posting, and sometimes too far beyond what's established for relevance.

Unpublished drafts and allwheres-stashed resolution documents increase faster than do published posts, and there are now approaching a few hundred (Correction: 1,000+)  much longer, unique reasoned documents versus 38 subject-restricted, condensed posts. Any time that could have provided a second look at anything not published was instead expended producing all new resolutions. Also, reading 12+ page Word-documents of exactly what I already know, for any purpose, is personally almost conceptually-intolerable. Reason only progresses further, and what was reasoned is known and non-edifying or appreciable to repeat.

For now, I'm unlikely to back-attend to what lapsed a planned-posting until/unless more-appreciable topic-manifestations subside, but Reason keeps upscaling its objective, as does a fractal-animation its perimeter - which is a quality-likeness of Reason's visualization.

Any crucial absences I become aware of I'll fill - and I'm aware of many right now. Every detail becomes an extensive realm, commonly delaying sleep by 8+ hours of  its documentation, sometimes repeating, for days - frequently without producing a single postable form. The things written as distractions form the most dependable post-materials.

One upcoming, following this one, though written just before. Blah, blah.


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