Monday 2 June 2014

The Grand Correction upon the Conventions of Reasoning

P.1 - Pre, re-cap
P.2 - Value of the Insula being insular
P.3 - What is not related
P.4 - Post-cap
P.5 - Because these things are certain...
P.6 - Reason vs Science
P.7 - Children of Reason


First, I said I would detail the reality of cranial-Reasoning, in correction of the erroneous convention - but as I regarded what actually exists as documented regarding these subjects, I was astounded by the pure gibberish that apparently currently depicts how people's brains are functioning - which is to say, they're not. I don't want to waste words, so I'm keeping this minimal, and continuing below instead with what is more important to know as the groundwork for any thing taking part in existing within this universe - and if you don't have this down, no matter how much you point to your egregiously brief inarguable present material-manifestation - you ultimately don't exist, and that manifestation will cease as its molecules fall-apart.

Anyway, a sporadic minimal correction of the convention regarding Reasoning as an action of the brain:

The Anterior Insula is an access-sealed vault that stores all your considerations in their most concept-segregated forms, with True/False, 1/0, Yes/No polarity to each of them, which is literally the transistor-effect. Apart from this effect, it is impossible for Truth-verification to exist - and if this wasn't in the Anterior Insula, human beings wouldn't be anything, they wouldn't have instincts, there wouldn't be detection between life/death, and this Human-thing wouldn't have formed - because without these values producing Truth-determination, there's no determined reason for the host-consciousness, and no value to be determined from it.


As said, the Anterior Insula is access-sealed, and that's the only possible way which Truth-verification may exist - if those values were manipulable, a person altering just a single one could invalidate their entirety, and that person's brain would instantly lose value of everything, and they'd instantly-cease. It would be division by zero, enacted upon that conscious existence. It would nullify. This is because the value of any consideration is as contextual to the rest - this is the basis principle for all Reasoning:

'Because this is certain, therefore these other things also are certain - but these further things are certain-Falsehoods' - and from this, all things can be discovered, in rapid-time. This is the foundational principle behind the Reason method I am to demonstrate.

There should consequently be no such thing as Critical-Thinking from the Prefrontal-Cortex, because this region is characterized by self-determination - which is accomplished precisely because there exists no valuation to thoughts within its range. And the Prefrontal Cortex region is dependent upon Anterior Insula output, with the Anterior Insula being aware of Prefrontal-Cortex interests, and serving them, while maintaining its consideration-vault's necessary isolation.

What is regarded as brain-activity in regions during Reasoning, etc, is merely reactionary to the actual Reasoning - and Reasoning is an extremely light-weight process-automation, and I think thousands of simultaneous streams of it can fit into the pipeline-consumption as a single normal Prefrontal-Cortex thought. It is unlikely that Reasoning displays as much of anything in PET brain scans.


Now, I really don't know what any of this literal Falsehood exists for:

A person perusing that would get the impression that "R-e-a-s-o-n-" was just some miscellaneous string of letters, floating around ethereally, determined to be useful as a scrap-container for whatever junk any random person happened to need to offload - which they subsequently stuffed into it.

I don't know why all those people misused the term, but Reason is already claimed - and claimed since the origin of this universe - and it's hard-coded into existence, right here, in the concept which gives the word its definition:

What is the reason for ____? Why is ____?

Reason: the Why, How, and Way of a thing; The Answer to any condition.

So Reason literally is 'The Answer' to anything and also to everything which it is applied, making it the most valuable thing in all existence, and yet ( ) all this worthless junk is found to be squatting in its place. Going forward, know that all that non-Reasoning bulk is never, here at Shrapnel Reason, being referred to, and that only the literal meanings to Reason and Reasoning are regarded as existing.

Because Reason is 'The Answer', its methodology is already comprehensively complete and fully contained within its single-word domain, Reason.


Reasoning, the highest-form of all information-processing in all existence, is the revelation of Truth using only Truth. In the human brain, it is purely the consequence of inter-calculation pinging off all the Anterior Insula's considerations - and every consideration's value, no matter what it is, will contribute a Truth-certainty as well as a certain-Falsehood - upon every concept to which it's deferred.

Billions of Anterior Insula information-bits can manifest the conclusion to the most esoteric theories, near-instantly or instantly - but it won't unless a person has first structured their mind in the singular way that it is designed from the dust-up to function - with the Prefrontal Cortex as merely a vacuous creation-environment, and reserved-energy storage-cell, in which every conceived and non-conceived thing can be produced through willed-structuring of Anterior Insula consideration-determinations - deferring to the Anterior Insula to produce every concept.


'Because this is certain, therefore these other things are also certain - but these further things are certain-Falsehoods'

If someone had applied Reason's principle to the ex-convention of Dopamine being 'Reward', they would have realized this:


This is a spectrum for potential attributions to the value and role of Dopamine. They all exist along a single parameter, and there will not exist a dual-placement. A molecule is an energy-concept, stored in matterial form, and is not bi-polar. Split identities will indicate two separate and incongruous concepts.

If looking at its characteristics, it's observed that the active-diminishment of dopamine has all-impacting effects upon a person's capability to operate - and also their mood, their health, their cooperation, and their resilience. Therefore, it is clear that its role is at minimal Important, though is already apparently Vital to productivity, energy. However, if it is looked at even more finely, it is seen that it is in fact the chief-motivator behind all brain-activity, and in-fact the brain will not operate apart from it. Therefore, because it is of Vital attribution in its conduct, Dopamine as 'Reward' is a certain-Falsehood.

A mere moment of applying Reason debunks decades of medical-Science convention, effortlessly - and its earlier awareness would have prevented decades of deadly-harm to individuals, and pervasive-malady across societies.

In turns medical-convention on its head, leaving it to shit all over itself.


In Science there are things referred to as hard-sciences, and then there is that which is not referred to as a hard-science. Hard-science is a misnomer, with those things labeled as hard-sciences simply being strict-Reasons, but these subjects include Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics. Logic-determination is also a hard-determiner (AKA, one of Reason's sub-formats), using Mathematical valuations to determine statements.

If logic-determination is applied to the Scientific Method, this is what produces as True:

1 - Scientific-Fact: 'That which is most reasonably-assumed to be True'
2 - 'That which is most reasonably-assumed to be True' < True
3 - Scientific-Fact < True
4 - Scientific Fact == False
5 - Scientific-Fact: a certain-Falsehood
6 - Science: A body of certain-Falsehoods

Science's procedure: Disjoint, Fractionalize, Reduce
Reason's procedure: Flourish, Evolve, Unify

Psychosis: Disjoint, Fractionalize, Reduce

And refer to P.5 to review yourselves that this is the reality: The Scientific Method and Reason Method are antithesis, and the Scientific-Method chases the exactly-False tail-end anti-Truth of a thing, while Reason amasses a Truth's full-Realization.

Reason is thousands of times more proficient than Science, and while Science produces Falsehoods, Reason cannot produce a falsehood as per its principle of dictation by hard-sameness and hard-antithesis. Reason is full-replacement of Science, and when standing-before Reason, Science is as if it never was, and of no-effect.

There will be an expanded version of this matter, later.


Reason is the language which the brain operates within, and Reason is the language of all the universe and everything that exists. Everything is knowable through Reason, and Truth is singular, and a singularity, navigable in-full by Reason.

Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics are strictly Reasons, and they adhere in-full to the principles and operations of Reason. Reason is the singular hard-determiner for All-Truth, and it doesn't experience borders to any subject, and applies equally-perfectly to every last consideration and topic in existence.

Concepts are the language of the Mind, and Reason is the language of Concepts. Everything is there-and-herein resolved.

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 .        .        .
.  .       .  .  .     .  .  .  .  .     .  .  .       .  .

.  .     .  .
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So fun.


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