Sunday 1 June 2014

Anterior Insula: Humanity's Truth-Determiner

The information in the Anterior Insula is insulated from direct interaction and manipulation, and its stored considerations each have a polarity, and so it can determine Truth - which it does through veracity-checks and inter-consideration calculations. The Anterior Insula works with a transistor-effect principle.

The information in the Prefrontal Cortex is dependent upon the Anterior Insula, and it is not capable of determining Truth - either independently, or collaboratively. Its lazy non-deference to the Anterior Insula is the cause of every selfish sentiment, and every False-judgment.

Selfishness only breeds where lack of Considerations bears room, and the Anterior Insula is home of all considerations, and in fact can be measured via its Consideration-Count, marked by its dopamine-currency.

Dopamine is the currency of the brain, and the singular foundation for the human physiology.

The human heart will not beat without adrenaline, but adrenaline presence is conditional to dopamine. And even then, if regulated-dopamine is shut-off, the heart will not be willing to beat - it opts for instant death rather than a single beat without dopamine: those cases of elderly couples dying hours apart are exactly regulatory-dopamine in the remaining partner reacting to the former's passing.

Dopamine is the human-physiological will-to-live. Dopamine is the genuine God-molecule, the chief-cornerstone for human thought and physical well-being, and the foundation for all human existence. It is human physical and mental energy, thought's-precedence and for which thought is merely Reward, and it is each human's accessible-potential.

You are only as good as your dopamine-count - first in your Anterior Insula, and secondly in your Prefrontal Cortex - in which dopamine is definitively Actionable-Will, after Potential-Will is calculation-produced in the Anterior Insula.

An Anterior Insula-calculated desire cannot enact apart from there being enough reserved energy in the Prefrontal Cortex

A Prefrontal Cortex dopamine-availability that does not meet and exceed the Anterior Insula's quota is suffering, mal-health, and deprived life-and-opportunity upon any person of the disposition. It is effectively no different than under-powering an appliance, which consequently works erratically and regularly fails. It is full-cruelty, and it is inhumane.

And when the Anterior Insula isn't properly supplied, a corresponding amount of its determinations (effectively consideration-transistors) uncontrollably default to their False-valuation. That is the basis for all depression, anxiety, psychosis, etc.


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