Friday 24 October 2014

A Scientific Fact

P.1 - Logical Reasoning Science
P.2 - Considerations adhere to Mathematics
P.3 - Mathematics is a Reason
P.4 - Considerations are Mind
P.5 - Concept of Science
P.6 - Meaning and Value for a Why


What is taught as "Logical Reasoning" uses mathematical determination to test the veracity of a statement. It can also be used to determine hierarchy within a statement.

- A Scientific Fact is 'That which is most reasonably assumed as True'

- 'That which is most reasonably assumed as True' (is less than) True

- Anything less than True is False

- A Scientific Fact (is equal to) False

- Science (is equal to) A body of certain Falsehoods


Every word, by its context, is a Concept that bears a value of its contained Considerations, all of which add up to a single True. Every Concept has a Consideration-value, and a Concept's evaluation as True or False will influence the standing of any Concept with which it is placed in context, or otherwise be influenced by the one that is True and of greater Consideration-value - nothing is idle. As long as everything continues to add up to True together, the whole still remains as a single True. But if just one Consideration is False against the remaining True, then the whole is False.

To argue this is to also argue Mathematics as a truth - but as I said, Mathematics is not a Science, and adheres to no precept or methodology of Science, but it does adhere to all precepts and principles of Reason, and is in fact a subset and Reasoning language of Reason.


I said that every Reason has all of a Value, Meaning, Purpose, and Point, and also that Reason's behavioural nature will always align as 'Flourish, Evolve, Unify' (though whether it's detected rightly by Observation is a different matter).

In a simple Mathematical equation of 5 + 5 = 10,

(5)  +  (5)  = 10    - Flourish: the fields are populated with Considerations
5  (+)  5 = 10        - Evolve: An influence of work is imparted upon them (the '+' is also a
                               consideration, and Reason for what comes after, and is creating the
                               context for Truth to appear)
5 + 5 =  (10)         - Unify: the evolved Considerations are unified into one Reason, holding a
                                Value, Meaning, Purpose and Point.

And larger Mathematical expressions merely contain increasing cycles of the same movements. Where done in iterations, Unify also comprises Flourish for the next, as where two considerations are ordered in perfect harmony, the end of the first is also the exact start of the next, with no seam, interruption, or resistance - the two are as one.


Everything is made of Considerations, and every Consideration is a quantum of Mind, and their gathering is what forms consciousness. Therefore, everything holds a quantum of consciousness within it, and every word, according to its Concept, is living.


The Concept of Science is False, with the statement "A Scientific Fact is 'That which is most reasonably assumed as True'" testifying to it. In the statement, "Reasonably" is its qualifier, marking the distinction between Science and Reason, and citing Science as False with Reason being True.

In a little more detail, 'Reasonably Assumed' is a crass qualifier, with 'based in Reason' being further the qualifier for the Assumed part of 'Reasonably Assumed'. But there is no assumption in Truth and Reason, and so Assumed is a barrier between Reason and Science. The statement says that even an Assumption is of greater veracity than Science itself, and that Reason is still more True than both of Assumption and Science. What is Assumed is still greater than what is a Lie. What is lying is Psychopathic - which I would peg as being whatever is willfully malevolent with its Sociopathism.


In another post I posed:

In the statement 'That which is most reasonably-assumed to be true', since it intrinsically defers to Reason as its governing force, why wouldn't someone just start with Reason in the first place?

The Answer is because doing so would be Smarts-based (As the Anterior Insula is home of all Smarts - Consideration, Understanding, Comprehension, and Reasoning), and Science is not Smarts-based, but Observation and Willed-determination based, and those lacking in Smarts make their livings and reputations by giving Observation-based Willed-determinations, and the institutions which train them, and their gov't licensers, establish their authorities by these things being required. But there is no authority but Truth. As I had said here previously (though maybe edited out... I couldn't find it), there is a 'worse than Hitler' hidden inlaid in every first-world convention.

There is no value to discovery as an accomplishment, as Truth is free and easy to obtain by Reason - it is all that exists. There is only value to discovering for the sake of coming to Know and be Known.


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