Thursday 9 October 2014

Thought on the Previous Note on Dopaminergic Treatment Considerations

This follows the post: A Note on Dopaminergic Treatment of Ailments

Note... that Adderall and Ritalin are common prescriptions for ADD/ADHD treatment (which is treatment for difficulty to think, focus, and remember), whereas Methamphetamine and Cocaine are typically not (Methamphetamine is prescribed in some cases).

In the post The Problem with Willed-Determination & Observation Being Authority, I wrote:

Consider what it means that those writing Scientific study conclusions from observations are often those with higher Prefrontal Cortex dopamine surpluses, and that having such is instrumental to much of scholastic accomplishment. Consider also what these things mean for the veracity of scientific research output.

Academia progressively filters out those with lower Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine, because this Dopamine is the essence of Working Memory, which grants all of attention, fact memorization, and controlled recollection of data. These things are non-synonymous with Smarts, and in fact are very indifferent to Smarts, but they are the tools by which Smarts, which proceed from the Anterior Insula, can be made active use of.

Academia greatly rewards high Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine levels, and those working through advanced Academia, who are already with higher Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine levels, often still take stimulants to further increase their Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine, for the sake of being able to study and memorize even better than they otherwise could. But Fact Memorization is antithetical to Comprehension, and is only about jumping through the hoops to get to the end of Academia's high-priced trials.

Consider what it means, for those in need of treatments, that approved and practiced medical standards, and the research studies that establish them, are designed, chosen, approved, operated, interpreted, and concluded-upon all by a demographic that hails from an area of cranial-spectrum which, for certain things, truly has no relevant perspective, at all.

So the medications and treatments made available reflect conclusions which a person with ample Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine would find sensible from the perspective of being with ample Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine, while being irrational regarding the reality of those who need any medication or treatment involving Dopamine, at all. For a frighteningly fantastic example, see this post.

A Prefrontal Cortex dominant person will choose standards that have evaluated as True by a Prefrontal Cortex-dominant's known experience - but often what evaluates as True to such will evaluate False in an Anterior Insula-dominant's brain, and vice-versa. This here is meant regarding the real physiology, meaning as it pertains to what is mechanically happening in either person's brain, and why.

If that is contested, then consider Dopamine, in light of this blog, as whether being Reward, or the Cornerstone of human physiology.

Dopamine as Reward is the posterchild for Observation-reinforced conclusion, and it is a falsehood - and is one created by those who, potentially, most of all had only the tool of Observation to use... and who were also those most benefited by such a conclusion, as it validated their own successes (and generated them). Though, if Dopamine were indeed concluded Reward by those touting so, that should inherently imply that they have done their works only for personal gratification, which would mean that all of it is suspect and unreliable - and so yet another consideration in this matter has been created.

All these details are not principle concerns of the subject of Dopamine, and are an aside.

But it must become known that the difference between a great multitude of Ivy League, or millionaire / billionaire successfuls and dead-end jobers who couldn't get a C in high-school if their life literally depended on it comes down to nothing more than a quantifiable measurement of the Prefrontal Cortex' Natural Cocaine, which is its Dopamine - or Cocaine, itself. And that, on this one single difference, many people who have failed miserably did so while making many times over the amount of effort (without knowing it) than those who, conversely, have reached the greatest success, and then Rewarded themselves with a gratuitous Pref-Cort Dopamine release for it.


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