Sunday 3 August 2014

And, Plus, Also, etc... (A Cocaine / Dopamine Study Reprisal)

Here is an earlier take on the same study-scenario with Cocaine and lab mice, which discovered none of the 2013 version's conclusions:
Cocaine enhances memory storage in mice

The exact same study has been repeated many times over the past decades, always showing the same thing: Cocaine enhances learning, memory, and cognitive ability, by increasing the rate of dendritic spine production.

The only time the recycled study has been concocted to produce the 2013 study's nonsensical results is in that 2013 study.

It must be wondered why the same simple study is repeated so much, and then forgotten a week or so after each time.

Dendritic Spines grow in reaction to learning, and their density and size reflect the amount of information learned within the span of time during which they were created.



I've cleaned up the previous post I made - writing with a 2-week long migraine which practically blinded ability to see, visually and mentally, let alone think to type a post... plus other pains... is tough and I prefer to not write in such times. However, I hate not unveiling further reality-correcting consideration even more.


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