Thursday 27 November 2014

All Things are Known

All things are made of Considerations. Every considering, every consideration bears the Will by which it was made as an indivisible part of it – and everything ever done, ever decided, ever efforted, is all imprinted upon the fabric of existence. Everything is recorded permanently, and everything traces back to where it came from, and every Value, Meaning, Intention, and Worth that ever was, and will be, is measurable to its faultless precision.

A suffering's Worth is known by the considerations it bears the mark of, in relation to what bears the suffering.

As I said early on, only consciousness that is Reasoned is eternal. Considerations that were gained by the willing affliction of another's, upon release from a body, will be released from the person by their very own considerations, because of Reason's principle and meaning, and Reasoning - and any misplaced considerations, and those further which they necessarily mean, will go, or wait to be restored to whomever they rightfully belong - while suffering itself provokes much considering.

Because suffering bears a Worth, a suffering is continually cultivating considerations to itself without a person even being aware of it - though they will not have access to until until the suffering is resolved, because the suffering is a barrier with the considerations being on the other side of it.


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