Tuesday 11 November 2014

The Meaning of "Will > Considering > Reason" and Automatic Considering

The title mainly regards this post: Thoughts are the Fragments of Will

Truth is present only where there is context between Considerations. A lone Consideration lacks definition, value, meaning, purpose, and point - it has no Reason. All that a lone Consideration has is a choice: Yes, or No, to Consider another other than itself.

A choice of Yes or No becomes its Will.

Will is Absolute, and a blank canvas yielding the power of True to wherever it is allocated through its choice of Yes.

When a Will gives itself to the Considering of anything, it sacrifices its power of choice for the duration of the Considering, and its choice to Consider becomes the power of True for the other that receives Considering - and once Reason experiences, the relation formed by the bridging of the two bears a truth, and forms a new Consideration.

So in the end, the Considering experiences Reason and resolves. The Will that was used to initiate the Considering is required no more, and its power of choice is restored to the one from which it came... but an imprint of it remains with the newly formed Consideration, and is a permanent part of its definition and being. The newly formed Consideration also becomes a lasting part of the Will that considered it into being - and so the one is in the other, with each being a part of each other.

Everywhere that new Consideration is acting, the Will by which it was considered is also acting, as an indivisible quality of the formed Consideration. And so, from every new Consideration formed, the one who was willing to Consider another gains a quantum of Will, and also a quantum of Mind.

The more Considerations that are formed, the greater the quantum of each of Will and Mind that is likely to be gained from each, as a new Consideration can realize many different interactions and purposes between already existing held Considerations. Also, more new Considerations will increase the value produced by already known Considerations, as new Considerations bring new realizations about all Considerations.

The more True interactions between Considerations, the more illuminated a Mind will become, and the more there will be realized even further Considerations that are necessarily also True - and Considerations will be gained at an accelerating rate, leading into automatic Considering of all things, and eventually Reasoning.

The more a Will gives itself to Considering beyond itself, the more it comes into real being, and the more it moves towards discovering its Reason.


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