Thursday 27 November 2014

The Hypocrisy and Dishonour of Institutional Medicine

Because Sociopathism is the unwillingless to Consider beyond Self, Hypocrisy becomes the greatest trait of a Sociopath.

The field of scientific medicine is filled to the brim with Hypocrisy: people who owe all their successes to having large amounts of Dopamine-availability in their brains, yet who obstruct and create the stigmatization of those who need it and suffer for having a lack of it.

The field of institutional medicine is filled with people who can memorize a million details and 'scientific facts', precisely because of a high surplus of Dopamine in their brains, yet who don't use it for anything truly of integrity, as they consider little, and have no comprehension of how all those details fit together and what they add up to - and they are unwilling to consider anything contrary to the biases which they entered into the field with, and which are cultivated further as they surround themselves with people of the same Dopamine disposition.

And what is Sociopathism? Exactly the unwillingness to consider further than Self. Regulatory voice is concentrated into the hands of those who are the most unwilling and unjust with it, who are already benefactors of the subject, but who are the most irresponsible with what they have.

A Sociopath is attracted to prestigious title, social authority, and the approval of peer consensus over accuracy and Truth - and the curricular infrastructure of schooling at all levels sees to it that academia progressively filters out those who are not of Sociopathic disposition - it 'Rewards', that most Sociopathic of all concepts, those who minimize Dopamine allocation in the brain by restricting it for Fact memorization (to gain approval by jumping through hoops, and by appearance, and not from having built a substantial understanding), and Dopamine-availability is the totality of the subject of memory retention and working memory.

Test / Observe is what a Sociopath does with their mannerism and others' reactions, to gain confident approval outside of themselves. It's why a Sociopath will excel in school and profession, all the while covertly murdering, by quantums, all those they pretend to be aiding. To a Sociopath, it's all about the appearance, the approval, and protection of the image that they're on the side of what's 'Right' given by a collective authority - and Truth is merely a consideration. A Sociopath counts each layered identical voice incrementally as a Proof that they're 'Right', for having the lack of perception for Truth within themselves. A crowd of Self-assurers holds no authority, only a collective lie.

Truth will never be relegated to the authority of an institution, or be the result of a consensus - but is found in the Consideration of the things beyond Self. And only a person gives testimony for themselves. Science is the practice of annexing the testimony of others into the hands and wills of Sociopaths - who sell their professional opinions to the charades responsible for ailment, death, and suffering, while protecting their own Dopamine-rich and based comforts by claiming to offer treatment for the things they ensure the perpetuation of.


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