Sunday 16 November 2014

Reasoning Will Perfect All Things

Reasoning auto-corrects Considerations as it filters them. All that is required is that Reasoning is commenced with the greatest 'True' belief within a person – not an insisted one, but one simply held beyond words. Regardless of the veracity of it, all things will adjust themselves towards ultimate True as Considerations increase in presence – their relative meanings will effortlessly flip the polarities of the ones that are out of line with the greater truth, and everything will self-assemble.

Reason knows when it has completed itself, and so Reason also knows when Considering of all things for any subject is not completed. The lack of an experienced knowing, fleshed out with its full substantiation through all its details inter-connecting, with no remaining edge or seam in the details, is also the knowing that Considerations remain.

Everything means everything else, and so Reasoning will continue until absolutely all existence is Reasoned into One – and so a person’s deepest belief will direct what topic branches are automatically traversed, and in what purposed order. Otherwise, all will be traversed in the order by which they are consecutively encountered while Reasoning.

The outcome of that can be starting a project with an objective, and instead resolving 10 and beyond different (often greater) things that were not known to even exist prior to Reasoning revealing them in their full completions – yet making no apparent progress towards the originally intended objective. Whether that works for good or not is a matter that is relative to all the things that are determined by the person responsible for them.

In Reasoning, nothing is known until its substantiation has already completed through the assemblage of Considerations that have filtered and unified to realize a single truth, and that truth declares itself within a Mind by simply being the What Is.

A person must be willing to have their belief completely re-written from within with what is Truth, as every resistance will be a Willed-Determination that preempts Reason and cancels Reasoning with a 'This Is' obstruction - and the consequence of that is many disparate thought branches that simply do not add up together. An unsurpassable resistance means needed Considerations are obfuscated by worrisome thinking. Thinking and Considering are different operations, carried out by different brain regions.

Because Experience is Considerations evaluating True as they perform inter-calculations, it is possible that a person may experience unpleasant things while Reasoning works - which is a person experiencing exactly what their own Considerations amount to. But if a person's deepest Belief is good, then so too will be the final True - and whatever is not Considered back into wholeness now will eventually be required to be.


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