Thursday 27 November 2014

All Mental Stress Ailment is Best Treated Using Cocaine

I recently read an article online in which the author noted that Parkinson's disease is caused by declining dopamine levels, and chronic stress caused by reciprocal high adrenaline levels.

The author also noted that the objective to combating Parkinson's is to do things that will increase Dopamine levels and lower Adrenaline levels, and gave a list of high maintenance actions a person can take to maximize Dopamine production and availability, and reign in Adrenaline levels. The author further lamented that there is no "magic bullet", and little to do to restrain Adrenaline while trying to increase Dopamine.

But, of course, this isn't true, because Cocaine is precisely the proficient increase of Dopamine alongside a very significant inhibition of Adrenaline. And Parkinson's is a Mental Stress ailment, and all  Mental Stress ailment (stress, depression, psychosis, dementia...) receives vigorous treatment and also even permanent curing from a proficient Dopamine increase, aligned with the significant restraining, regulatory-freeze, or down-regulation of Adrenaline's otherwise sympathetic up-regulation relative to Dopamine increases.

Mental Stress is: Insufficient Dopamine, and aggressively high Adrenaline
Cocaine is: High Dopamine, strongly inhibited Adrenaline

Reason's meaning of 'All Things Are Equal and Everything is Remembered' dictates that merging these two together will result in equilibrium. And the result is: Answer and Resolution.

Anywhere and in all things, there is no more exact solution to a problem than the 1:1 fit that is Cocaine to all of Mental Stress ailment. So there indeed is a Magic Bullet that will raise Dopamine levels and lower Adrenaline levels, and it's called Cocaine - and that makes Cocaine the healthier-than-natural release of Dopamine in the brain, and the physiologically-exact cure for all Mental Stress ailment.

The brain and body is a comprehensive system, with many interactions - but, as within Reason and all existing things, there is hierarchy, and resolving the base and foundation will trickle resolution into all subsequent components. And Dopamine is the human body's physiological Cornerstone.

But it must be known how to use Dopamine in order to produce the resolving effect - because, including with Cocaine, it can also worsen a predicament when used without comprehension of the interactions of mental processes. Still, Cocaine remains the 1:1 fit, and the exact cure for all Mental Stress ailment. And that needed comprehension is not overly complicated, and is naturally logical (as it must be), and simplistic upon becoming aware of it.

A psychosis, any psychosis, can be cured in an afternoon with Cocaine. Depressions that ran years, decades, can be permanently gone in hours. Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, can be put into remission. And why? Because all these things are caused by diminished Dopamine levels, with Adrenaline's force locking unhealthy processes into place in the brain. High Dopamine, with restrained Adrenaline, will fix all those things - or, more correctly, they will fix themselves instantly, the moment they sufficiently have the conditions to be able to do so: High Dopamine, Low Adrenaline.

So the tact to administering this High Dopamine, Low Adrenaline effect in a manner that produces those resolving conditions must be known. And, as said, it is possible to worsen things if the considerations forming the comprehension of brain and mind interactivity are unknown.

The objective is to construct windows of opportunity in consideration, align them, then power through those windows. Dopamine is the fuel which all mental processes are determined, established, developed, and resolved by, and so it is the power of True to all mental processes. Considering writes those processes, whatever they are.


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