Thursday 20 November 2014

Sociopathism's Abstract

Sociopathism is the behaviours of a Truth-lacking mind. And a Sociopath is anyone who believes outside of themselves, rather than within themselves.

When a person feels they lack Value within themselves, they pursue it outside of themselves, in order to serve Self by accumulating Value for it.

But if there's an intrinsic lack of belief of Worth within, then there isn't Way to have full connection to things outside oneself, because Meaning is known by the Truth that is revealed from Considering, and to Consider there must first be a genuine belief of oneself, in order to manifest the context that yields something to Consider regarding things more than just Self.

So they seek Self Worth in Value, while lacking a Will for Truth, which is needed that a thing's Meaning could ever be perceived.

Reason has all of Value, Meaning, Purpose, and Point. There is no Meaning in Value, and there is no Value to a lone Consideration - only potential.

Without Reason, whatever is perceived to bring 'Value' itself ultimately produces no Meaning, Purpose and Point in the possession of that lone Consideration. When Value is Considered through Meaning, it makes a thing's Purpose apparent - and together, Value, Meaning, and Purpose manifest its Truth. If a person's Will is to honour that Truth, then it knows Point. And if a Will is to apply itself to Truth's Purpose, it becomes a part of the Truth, and Reason is fulfilled.

Because a Sociopath is whoever considers themselves and not what is Truth, and whoever considers themselves ahead of Truth, Sociopathic mindset is pursuing Value while subsequently contriving a Meaning for it based on superficial appearance, while constantly seeking Purpose, and having no Point.

As I said in an earlier Dopamine post, "a person who believes 'Reward' is necessarily a loser within their own Mind". And anyone whose brain operates on the premise of 'Reward' does so because their Considerations lack Reason.


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