Thursday 27 November 2014

Things to Consider About Sociopathism

Study result: Children will change behavior that’s rewarded in order to conform

Sounds logical, right? It also means there are entire generations of Sociopaths being groomed. It's all of Test / Observe, the absence of Consideration, and devolution in action. Conforming is different than learning through considering, and conforming prohibits considering. Also, Conforming is not adapting, and adapting is converse to conforming, and is a measure that is alternative to conforming.

And, something I'll make future references to:

The Top 10 Jobs That Attract Psychopaths

There is one profession in those lists that is almost certainly misallocated - that of Doctor. And there's solid reason why it was able to get misplaced, for later detailing.

Psychopathism / Sociopathism is the behaviours of a Truth-lacking Mind - and simultaneously those who operate by Willed-Determinations, creating high Dopamine surpluses due to having little Consideration activity regarding the choices made.

And as said: To a Sociopath, it's all about the appearance, the approval, and protection of the image that they're on the side of what's 'Right' given by a collective authority - and Truth is merely a consideration. A Sociopath counts each layered identical voice incrementally as a Proof that they're 'Right', for having the lack of perception for Truth, themselves. A crowd of Self-assurers holds no authority, only a collective lie bearing the value of a lone Consideration - none.


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