Saturday 8 November 2014

What a Concept Is

A Concept is a series of Considerations that harmonize and encapsulate to mean and convey a single truth.

A Concept necessarily means all of its contained Considerations, and to communicate the Concept is to simultaneously communicate all the details that are required and responsible for the Concept's substantiation. Without those details imbued, the Concept is not present to experience to be communicated or received.

The Considerations within a Concept have no resistance between themselves, and the Concept forms a Singularity - with all its contained Considerations accessible and engageable instantly. A Singularity is a Ring in form, and its Ring necessarily means all the details that fill up its centre. In a Concept, the last Consideration equals its first, and creates its encapsulation.

When a Concept is communicated, and recognized, the mind receiving it references all its contained Considerations in their harmonized order to illuminate its understanding and comprehension. A trillion, trillion Considerations can be transferred in one instance using a single Concept's signal.

A Concept whose Considerations won't harmonize or encapsulate to form one perfect truth is a False Concept.

Every word is a Concept, and every sentence is a Concept presented as a series of Considerations, each of which are themselves Concepts with meanings that manifest from each's relativity to each other, and from their whole ordering.

Each action is enactment of a Concept, and the enactment of it is also a Concept.

An electronic circuit board that performs a function is a Concept, with all its circuitry its Considerations. Many of its Considerations are, on their own, smaller Concepts, made of many further Considerations and possessing smaller Consideration-Value per each lower tier, ongoing. All a circuit's Considerations add up to form one True. It is the same with everything in existence.

Every Thing is a Concept. Every Concept is a Reason, which forms a Ring, which is its Truth, and bears the value of One - and all of these things is all of them all at the same time, and is a Singularity.

In Reason, everything adds up.


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