Wednesday 19 November 2014

Substantiation of Truth

Truth is not a single point, it is the validating inter-connectivity of details. Considering is the process of creating these inter-connections. When they create, they don’t associate from distance, they firmly snap together at a shared point. From then on, all which flows through the connected point from the side of one detail will also flow seamlessly into the next detail.

The more connections formed, the more Truth manifests itself through substantiation between all details confirming its presence together in agreement and as One - with all details meaning in like the shared one final conclusion, but by having each arrived at it from all of their unique perspectives, which all beget different pathways.

Because Truth is substantiated only by unique factors meaning an identical conclusion, such a thing as a "second opinion" for reinforcement, or a Peer Review to create a "second opinion", is a Falsity, and an Ultimate Uselessness except for where institutions are founded upon Sociopathism - because Sociopathism counts Self's value incrementally for each layered voice it hears, as concession for its lacking the perception of Truth.


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