Sunday 9 November 2014

Miscellaneous Details on Concepts and their Considerations

Every piece of the Universe contains every other piece of the Universe within it, with each Thing experiencing a different ordering of its Considerations - so everything can be a portal to every other thing.

Considerations ordered in a parallel fashion will manifest solid matter, while linear will stream them in a flowing manner, as they flow without resistance through each other. A Thing can be comprised of any variety of both linear and parallel Consideration assemblage.

To Invoke a Concept is to Invoke all its Considerations, as they are ordered - in a manner that is relative to the Mind that Invokes them.

The Considerations in a Reasoned Concept can and will communicate between each other independently, to discover all True variants contained within themselves, etching out all their own details and possibilities.

Every Concept has its antithetical polarity form.


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