Thursday 27 November 2014

Sociopathism's Recipe, as Consideration and Dopamine

The recipe for Sociopathism is a high Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine surplus met with low Consideration activity.

Consideration activity is output to the Prefrontal region of the brain, where those considerations receive Willed-Determinations upon (either in thought or in instant reflection of a person’s Will – if it’s already known), relating the consideration to the perspective of Self before they are completed, in order to substantiate Truth for the individual. Considering that is of Truth, that applies the consideration of Self before it completes is different than the considering of Self – which is considering that ignores and doesn’t begin with Truth. Self is a consideration – which has no reason on its own, but when considered as addition to what is Truth, it becomes a part of Truth. Self is the last consideration applied in the brain before action occurs (speech, movement).

After considering has been received in Prefrontal regions and adapted to include the consideration of Self, the encapsulated result applies back to the Anterior Insula’s, whose established Truth is all-factoring of all considerations,  as a ‘This Is’ declaration, and the considering will continue.

Everything that fully encapsulates bears the Dopamine requirement of only 1 single consideration, and any complexity of considerations that are held in ‘thinking’ regions of the brain, and which unify as one concept, then have the dopamine requirement of only a single consideration. Whatever is considering from many different ends and has not yet resolved requires as much dopamine as there are different unresolved details in consideration, and which are being retained (or tried to) in the thinking regions of the brain, which are imports of those considerings, getting determinations made upon them.

Only some considerings require the aspect of Self to complete and produce a Truth. For processes that require the consideration of Self to be applied before completing, unless there is Dopamine-availability in the Prefrontal Cortex that is equivalent or greater to the Dopamine-value required by all the individual considerations put forth to it, it will be like there is not enough ‘room’ in the Prefrontal Cortex to receive it all, and those things won’t be able to encapsulate, and they will cause Mental Stress. A person can be carrying around non-encapsulated considerations for many years, due to having a Dopamine deficiency in the Prefrontal Cortex. That deficiency is also a loss-of-life measurement.

With Sociopathism, low consideration of Truth does not mean that Truth did not exist to be considered, but that it was not engaged, making a person’s activities bypass considering Truth and act purely for Self. This results in a high Dopamine surplus in the Prefrontal Cortex, because none of that Dopamine is getting used to retain the consideration processes involved in substantiating Truth.


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